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Hache de Silencio

“Tim showed me several drawings of his Edward. I’d read the script, of course, but Tim’s drawings said everything. I instantly fell for the character - he made his way into my body.” - Johnny Depp


No soy nadie para alguien que no me conoce …
Soy todo para mi , soy lo más importante , y al fin y al cabo , eso es lo que más vale … Ser importante para mi mismo , que soy quien estará siempre conmigo.


Sólo eso…


(by Jnhuh)

You know what’s more magical than a Studio Ghibli anime? Seeing them brought to life. That’s exactly what is happening in South Korea. 

The Studio Ghibli exhibit is being held at the I’Park Mall in Seoul until March 1, 2015.


TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion) 


Polka Dot Backless Sleeveless Short Day Dress

Every picture tells a story.
Sometimes we don't like the ending.
Sometimes we don't understand it.

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Green Yoshi Stumping And Looking Out